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Welcome to AXIOM Medical Accounts

AXIOM Medical Accounts is an innovative Medical Billing & Consulting Firm who is dedicated to providing your medical practice with the latest medical billing reimbursement strategies, information and services available to the Healthcare Industry. Our medical billing and consulting expertise and comprehensive understanding of all facets of medical billing allows us to offer our clients single source solutions.

"Axiom has provided excellent service to both our patients and our staff. Response time is always prompt and communication is clear. Axiom has lowered our billing costs and improved our overall accounts aging. We are pleased to partner with Axiom Medical Accounts." ~ Eric T. Scott - Business Administrator - Flagstaff Surgical Associates

  • Do medical insurance companies short my payments?
  • Am I losing too much money to bad debt?
  • Are my medical claims being rejected because medical claim forms and codes are constantly changing?
  • Do I want to reduce the cost of medical billing in my practice?
  • Do I want a better return on the fees I pay to outsource my medical billing?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Axiom is your solution.

Medical Billing and Consulting Phoenix, Flagstaff Arizona

Our Medical Billing Services
  • Medical billing and Collection
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Medical Billing Management Reporting
  • Medical Billing Technology Solutions




Medical Billing Claims and Collections Firm Phoenix, Flagstaff Arizona
The Benefits
  • Increase Your Cash Flow
  • Decrease Your Rejected Medical Claims
  • Decrease Your Overhead Expenses
  • Enhance Your Medical Claim Revenue
  • Reduce Your Risk
  • Improved Control of Your Revenue Cycle
  • MediTouch® by HealthFusion®
Medical Claims Revenue and Reimbursements Phoenix, Flagstaff Arizona

"Axiom has handled my medical billing services for several years. I have been extremely pleased with their work. The staff members are very competent and efficient as well as friendly and helpful. I can recommend Axiom without reservation." ~ John E. Hildebrand, M.D.


Medical Billing and Consulting Company Phoenix, Flagstaff Arizona


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